THINKING RETIREMENT – ANDY LANDIS– I’ve always been the home-maker in our family.  Can I get Social Security?  Yes.  Even without a ten-year part-time work history of your own, you can qualify as the spouse of a worker.


You might lack the ten-year history for good reasons.  Maybe you moved to the U.S. less than ten years ago, or worked in government jobs outside the Social Security system, or maybe you worked “on the home front” as a home-maker.


You still have two ways to be eligible for Social Security:  Work until you have ten years.  Or find someone with ten years’ work and marry them (smile).    You can qualify as a spouse in two ways:

  • At age 62 or over, once your spouse is on Social Security
  • At any age, if you’re caring for the worker’s child.  The child has to be under 16 or totally disabled, and on your spouse’s Social Security
  • Note: If you are under Full Retirement Age (currently 66), your earnings must be limited.


You can receive monthly payments ranging from 35% to 50% of your spouse’s full payment amount (depending on your age).  Payments are in addition to and separate from your spouse’s payments.  At 65 you’ll qualify for Medicare.


If you’re divorced or widowed, watch for the appropriate blogs at this site.

Want details?  See, or my book, Social Security, The Inside Story.  Or call SSA at (800) SSA-1213.

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