LIVING HEALTHY – CHERIE HENRY – SENIOR LIVING – Food and hospitality are key foundations of senior living communities. Thankfully, many perceptive senior care administrators are working to enhance both. More and more well traveled residents have come to expect upscale décor finishes and fine dining options in their food selections. Older adults are more educated and aware of key health benefits of the food they eat, it’s important for residents to know where their food is grown and harvested.

For decades communities were traditionally designed to be structured living environments drawn from institutional and medical models. However, in this decade many new spaces have had face-lifts to include architecturally interesting features, defined styles, vibrant, and inviting spaces. With careful planning and sound implementation, these elevated dining venues can nourish both body and soul.

Inspired by top restaurants and cruise lines, senior communities are designing and renovating their facilities to present an atmosphere of tasteful ambiance. Along with private rooms and baths, open and outdoor spaces are critical to the future consumer and baby boomers that have higher expectations for dining choices, amenities and customer service.

Astute facility operators understand that the goal is for residents to enjoy the company of others at meal time, however, there may be occasions when room service is preferred. This, along with the emergence of more casual dining options like bistros and cafes, are leading trends in the senior living world.

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