TRAVEL – TOM SMITH– If you are the type of person who has endless amounts of time to play on the internet and loves to spend the better part of your time during the day researching , reserving, booking and ticketing your upcoming vacation. You might find it difficult to use a travel agent to the best advantage.  But if you are someone who is truly interested in get value for your vacation dollar and wants a guaranteed investment in travel, then you need to consider using your favorite travel agent.  Here are some of the best reasons I know of to use a travel agent:

  1.  You have spent the last 8 hours on Google trying to come up with a vacation to Mexico or looking up Cayman Islands flights, places you are not familiar with.  Perhaps you need some professional advice from a travel agent who uses reliable resources.
  2. You were really burned the last time you used a travel website to book a hotel and when you arrived at what you thought was a lovely ocean view room, you spent your vacation looking at a brick wall of the building next to you.
  3. You have just spent hours on hold with your airline when your flight was cancelled.  It would have been so much easier to just call your travel agent and have this taken care of in minutes.
  4. Did you actually spend your anniversary holiday at a resort with only one small swimming pool that was filled with screaming kids?
  5. How did you know that when you booked that “villa” in Umbria, Italy that you would end up in a studio apartment with a “kitchenette” and a view of the backside of the train station?
  6. No one told you that in August in Sydney it’s wintertime and you showed up there with nothing but shorts and flip flops.
  7. And what about that vacation that you looked forward to all year long as a restful time to show up in Miami at spring break with 100,000 drunk college students all around you.
  8. There must have been a mistake with the photography of the hotel you chose, because it did not look anything like those beautiful pictures they had on their website.
  9. It is unfortunate that you are having to deal with your attorney now to resolve the fact that your credit card has been double billed, a second time for your hotel stay in London.
  10. It was unfortunate that you arrived at the airport in Costa Rica at 4am and there were no taxis or any transport to the hotel you booked.

And I just got a schedule change for a client who was on a cruise in SE Asia.  The schedule change was for their air when they got off the cruise.  The schedule changed drastically but I was able to accommodate them on another carrier.  I had to hunt these clients down because they were between ship and hotel.  Finally the concierge at the hotel, whom I know, was able to get the message to them.  Yes, I did save the trip for them

So these are the “unfortunates” that we travel agents here about every day.  Unfortunately you need to begin your trip with us….it is such smooth sailing.

Tom Smith, Travel Agent for 38 years

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