THINKING RETIREMENT – ANDY LANDISWhat would the ultimate retirement plan for Gen Next look like?  Surprise—you probably already have it. Hey, Generation Next.  Let’s dream up your Ultimate Retirement Plan, or URP (excuse me!).

We already know what you don’t want: Social Security.  I hear you:  It’s a rip-off.  It’s bankrupt.  It’s for OLD people.  Give me back my tax contribution and I’ll invest it myself.  And your 401(k) at work?  Hasn’t always worked out. Here’s our URP wish list:

100% employer match.  Everything you put in would be fully matched, dollar for dollar, by your employer—not just a piddly 3% or 5% like a 401(k).

Portability.  All contributions, including the employer match, would go with you, hopping from job to job.  You’re not chained to one employer.

Everyone’s in.  Let’s bring part-timers, temps, and contract workers aboard, not just full-timers.  Every job would build retirement security.

Market-proof.  Sick of losing money in your 401(k)?  Our URP won’t ride the stock market roller-coaster.

Automatic.  No opt-in, no opt-out, no confusing investments, no convoluted roll-overs.  It’s totally on auto-pilot.  You work, you’re in.

Lifetime payouts.  When you retire, it never runs dry.  It pays forever, your entire life, no matter what.  And payments would be tied to inflation, because you plan to live long and prosper.

Family support.  Since we’re dreaming, let’s add extra payments for family members like your spouse or child.

Disaster relief.  Too many young people have no long-term life insurance or disability insurance.  Let’s add’em. You can compute insurance premiums by using an Instant Insurance Cost Calculator.

Fair.  The CEOs are doing okay.  Let’s focus URP on the middle class instead of the investor class.

Cheap.  Let’s get totally ridiculous.  Make it cost no more than 6-7% of pay.  Or maybe 7-8% if health insurance is thrown in.  And administrative expenses should be low, low, low.

Ready for a big surprise?  You’re already on URP, like 94% of workers.  It’s called Social Security. Boring old Social Security provides:

  • Immediate 100% employer match, up to $117,000 in pay
  • Full coverage and portability among all private-sector jobs and many public jobs
  • Coverage for part-timers, even with earnings under $1300 a year
  • Performance unaffected by market swings
  • Automatic, hands-off operation
  • Payouts guaranteed for life for you and your spouse, and to adulthood for your kids
  • 100% inflation protection
  • Disability and life insurance for young workers
  • Payouts favoring the middle class
  • Cheap participation (7.65% of pay, including Medicare)Okay, it doesn’t pay a ton; nobody gets rich on Social Security.  But it is the largest source of retirement income—far bigger than pensions or investments—and it doesn’t penalize you for saving more on your own.Wouldn’t it makes sense to learn about the awesome retirement program you’re already on?  Go to and sign up for a personal account.  Maybe even go crazy and read my book. MORE HERE.

And as always, keep on planning.

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