LIVING HEALTHY – ANDY BAXTERI was going to start off this blog by telling you of my latest research projects currently going on at High Point University’s health, science and human performance laboratory in North Carolina.  Then I thought I would tell you of a continuing medical education conference that I spoke at on the diabetes epidemic.  Then I thought I would tell you about yet another client that turned 92 (YAY!!!).  But the story that I JUST HEARD takes precedent. 

Helaine has been with us since 2008.  Almost six years of consistent exercise would qualify her as quite fit (remember we are all athletes, yes? If in doubt, see previous blogs). Helaine was driving her friend, we will call her Betty, around to get to some appointments and wrap up some loose ends before leaving on a trip.  Betty is 76 years old and her current state of mobility leaves something to be desired.  Recently, Helaine pulls up to the curb at their destination.  As Betty exits the car to the curb she trips and falls in a heap.  Helaine runs around the car to assess the damage.  Betty is ok, but she can’t get up.  She is exploring her options; “If I crawl over to that tree, possibly I could pull myself up.  Or maybe if we open the car door I could work my way up from there…”  One thing is certain; Betty is not able to get up under her own power.

Helaine looked at Betty; looked at the tree; looked at the car door.  Hmmm.  She positioned herself behind Betty, dropped into a sumo squat position, hooking her arms under Betty’s, and in one swift, powerful motion stood up, taking Betty with her to a full standing position.  “There, no problem!”

Helaine had her typical cheery smile and twinkly eyed sparkle, maybe even more than is typical as she was quite happy with herself.  Betty looked at her in astonishment and said (can’t make this stuff up, folks), “Wow, I need to go to Baxter’s!” Helaine is 85.



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