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  • THE COLORS OF PESACH TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – We join our favorite traveler and photographer as he shares images that portray the expansion of Judaism from the Ultra Orthodox to modern times in Israel. Click here and enjoy!   more
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT APPLES TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – Honeycrisp, Empire, Golden Delicious, Ambrosia, Spartan, Mitsu, Jonagold, Ida Red, Fuji and Granny Smith – all those apple varieties can be found along the Okanogan River Valley. The array of fruit makes your head spin and mouth water and Fall is the time to enjoy them at their freshest. ... more
  • SMALL TOWN RODEOS, A TREAT FOR ALL TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – A part of Omak, Washington sits within the borders of the Colville Indian Reservation, including this rodeo arena. There is an annual event of the same name, Omak Stampede, with one of the most unusual and unusually named races: The Suicide Race. CLICK HERE TO SEE AND READ ... more
  • GOTTA STOP AT HANK’S TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – This is why we love rural towns – you never know what you are going to run into. Hank’s Supermarket in Twisp, Washington, is one of those places you never forget. This is one of the first sights you see as you walk in. CLICK HERE TO SEE ... more
  • A SALUTE TO SMOKEJUMPERS TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – The fire season in the Northwest is supposed to be over, although some major fires are still raging. So, I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at a Smokejumper Base. This one is just outside Winthrop, Region 9 Smokejumper Base. Turned out to be ... more
  • TRAVELING WITH DEBBIE RETIREMENT COACHING – DEBBIE DRINKARD GROVUM – Debbie has been traveling in Europe and we thought we would share her travel blog with you. Retirement is a great time to fulfil your travel dreams. Debbie’s travel blog provides a fun insight into this dream. CLICK HERE TO READ DEBBIE’S TRAVEL BLOG. more
  • ALL IS NOT SERIOUSNESS – ISRAEL 7 TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – All is not seriousness and conflict in the Old City. This priest and one of his pilgrims had a little fun with his group. Run by (and mostly for) Russians, the name sure stops you. Mikey Ds wants you to know they fit into in Jerusalem. Click here ... more
  • SHANGHAIED IN THE ARAB QUARTER – ISRAEL 6 TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – We were outside one of the many little shops in the Arab Quarter, and a local, who originally lived in America, offer to show us around. How could we say no? Click here to join us on our journey with Avram.   more
  • GOOD MORNING – ISRAEL 5 TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – Click here for a fascinating look at the Old City as it slowly awakens… shopkeepers are stirring. Small habits illuminate their humanness.   more
  • PASSOVER – ISRAEL 4 TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – The last few days of Passover are national holidays. Any other day and the streets would be alive with open shops, a flood of pedestrians, buses and cars. So, this is a great time to explore. Click here for a photo essay.   more