OPEN FORM – KAREN, MARTY, MARK AND JOE–                                Who knew there was so much water in the middle of the desert? Retirees have long been attracted to Yuma’s warm winter climate (often the hottest place in the U.S.). Affordable medical and dental facilities in nearby Algodones, Mexico are also appealing to retirement budgets.
However, what makes this area special for Snowbirds is the water – namely the Colorado River and its diversion canals and estuaries. Retirees who love boating flock here for fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or just cruising around on a patio boat enjoying cocktails and the sunset.
We visited our retired friends who are now “full timers” (meaning their RV is their only home) at an area north of Yuma called Hidden Shores. The RV park has wonderful views across the water, and features a 9-hole golf course (free for residents of the park), as well as a clubhouse, pool, grocery store and restaurant. Yuma is a 25-minute drive away through the rich agricultural Imperial Valley. Stop at a taco stand and you-pick vegetables farm! But most of all, join the many happy retirees soaking up the sun’s golden rays as you listen to winter weather reports from the rest of the country

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