VOLUNTEERING – SALLY MELTON-Taking the first step in any endeavor seems to be the most challenging for many of us.  Getting started volunteering isn’t any different.  It’s a little like entering a shoe store and being overwhelmed with the choices, so many styles and colors.  One pair may be trendy, similar to what others around you are wearing, but does it really fit you and your lifestyle?  Would it  give you comfort and put spring in your step?
One good way to start exploring the various volunteering choices is to “try on” what shows up in your world, your neighborhood for example.  Literally go outside and have a look around, and really see and listen to what needs doing.  What you notice, most likely will be something that you care about.
An eighty-year old friend of mine told me about a conversation she had with her 75 year old brother.  He asked her what’s really left to do at 80?  She responded simply, “to make myself available.”  Soon after this, she  was standing at her window watching outside when she saw her neighbor struggling to get to the mailbox using his walker, while towing his small dog on a leash.  The two barely escaped being wrapped around each other and falling.  She decided to make herself available.
She asked the man if “he would mind” if she took his little dog on a short walk a few times a week so she could get some exercise, and thus eliminate his need for combining his mail procurement with walking his dog.  He gladly said yes, it would help him tremendously.  So, now three times a week, she takes the dog for a short walk.  It’s a win-win-win.
So, take a breath, relax, and open your eyes, your ears, and most of all your heart.  No worries, the thing that’s right for you now, will show up

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