LIVING HEALTHY – DR. ROBIN MILLER – VITALITY – As our ovaries poop out, we often do too. Up to two thirds of women experience menopausal symptoms, which can be distressing for around 20% although it seems like more since we are a vocal group! How can you not get upset when you can’t sleep, your vagina dries out, you feel like your brain is fogged up and you seem to be igniting from the inside out.

In addition, there may be weight gain and a redistribution of fat due to the rapid loss of muscle that occurs if you don’t do strength train. To loose that weight in a natural and easy way, try these fat burning pills on sale.

All women will benefit from healthy eating, exercise, and a medical evaluation to review their symptoms and receive treatment if necessary. Some may need hormone replacement. Often there is something else going on such as hypothyroidism, which commonly occurs at menopause. The symptoms are similar  so they are often missed.

For vitality it is important that we take this time in our life to become number one on the list. We often put our children, husband or significant other, job, house, pets, and essentially everyone and everything else first. That is probably the most common advice I give. Take care of yourself or you will not be able to take care of anyone else.

Finally, what women want is to be happy. That however, is something that requires its own blog.  So tune in later!

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