LIVING HEALTHY – ANDY BAXTER-Wow, Christmas Eve day was insanely busy.  We had people pouring in from opening until closing… crazy.  And wonderful energy.  I wonder why that is.  Really, why is there this trend that we think, “Im gonna slack, therefore I should get in and crush it and everything will stabilize.

It is really quite the opposite.  Folks, good kind folks, it is not the quantity of the work in one session, it’s the quality and the consistency of the work over the long haul; If you don’t show up then, well, you won’t see the desired results.

Not too long ago I caught up with a fellow athlete and we were decompressing together.  He represented the US National rowing team at the highest level and we had both raced together in the Olympic trials and he confided in me something that I was oddly comforted to hear.

He said, “When I did nothing for a while and came back to the erg (rowing machine), my performance was terrible.”  And I will vouch for that, his split was gawdawful. What he found out so painfully is this truth – it is a lot easier to stay in shape than it is to get back in shape.

Transformation does not happen overnight.  The take home message is, regardless of whether you are a grandma with a knee replacement, a fifty something triathlete or a master’s power lifter, CONSISTENCY IS KING!

We are all athletes in this game of life and we just have to show up to make it work.  Train smart.

And happy holidays!

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