I just got back from Philadelphia, where I was training a hospital therapy staff on the benefits of multi-planar resistance for neuromuscular reeducation.   That’s a fancy way of saying “train smart”.  Having never been to Philadelphia, I knew there was one thing that I had to do.  I am in my forties now and was a most impressionable youth when the movie Rocky came out in 1976.  Yes, I gotta run the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum.  So on a cold and crystal clear Friday morning I went for a nice jog along the Schuylkill River and made my way to the famous steps, easily bounding them two and three at a time to the top where I snapped a few shots with my phone.  Extremely touristy, yes, and not a monumental bucket list moment per se, but it did put a smile on my face.

Nostalgia aside, I was also extremely grateful that my body still does what I tell it to do with relative ease.  Does your body still do what you ask of it?  Is there something that you would like to do that might require some forethought and planning, maybe getting ready for a big trip that involves hiking and carrying, or getting as strong as possible prior to a joint replacement to insure a positive outcome?  Whatever the scenario, set goals and dates and a plan of action.  Need help? Find a qualified trainer who understands the orthopedic considerations of an aging body.  BTW, I will be giving a talk on all such stuff at our brand new Tigard, Oregon location this Thursday at 7 p.m.  Stop by and say hi if you are in the neighborhood!!


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